Circus CirKL

Dancing next to the cord,

liberating your inner lion

and dropping all balls from the air; that is Circus CirKL.

Taming the fire,

recognizing the clown in yourself

and finding your true wild nature; contemporary, authentic pure circus.

Join Circus CirKL!

The bubbles of Circus CirKL were presented at the 17th, 18th and 19th of June 2022 at the Esplanade, centre Almere. Visiting the EXPO and short movies in the inflated pavilions is an experience in itself. Workshops and activities of Circus CirKL could be experienced inside the tents, on the beach, and the fields surrounding the Esplanade on the Weerwater.

All activities are designed for adults and children!

What is Circus CirKL?

Circus CirKL contains a group of passionate artists sharing their love for Mother Nature with the public via performance, workshops and experiment, working with the five elements earth, water, fire, air and love.

Circus CirKL invite you to meet, investigate, relax, experiment, play and just BE…

Be in your element, be in the moment.

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