In ancient times eyes were associated with protection and the same goes for amulets. In ancient Egypt the eye of the sun god Horus was known as a symbol  of protection against evil forces.  In Indian culture our imagination and intuition is connected to the sixth chakra, the so called third eye. 

The eyes on these jewelleries are the eyes of totem animals and they can be worn as necklaces or broches. The eyes are painted on taxuswood. Taxus is known for its unique wisdom and its capability to help us processing difficult or sad experiences. Taxus helps us to give insight in the subconscious.

Totem animals origin from the traditions of Native Americans.  Totem animals serve as a guide to protect us, but they can also be of help in our life lessons.  

The power of the jaguar, the overview of the eagle, the wisdom of the owl, or the protection of the fake eye of a butterfly; all these animals have a special quality that can inspire us. 

Which animal catches your eye?